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Painting versus Vinyl Siding

The best quality paint will need to be replaced in five to seven years, and less expensive paint will peel and/or fade in four years or less. Painting involves a lot of prep work that needs to be done well, or the paint will peel even sooner. All loose paint needs to be removed by pressure washing and scraping. Mold and mildew must be totally cleaned away with a commercial cleaner or bleach and water, and dark stains will bleed through unless sealed. New wood must be primed, and all rough surfaces sanded smooth. All other repairs, such as replacing loose or rotted wood or siding (if you're re-painting siding), caulking seams, and fixing woodwork add additional time and costs to the overall project. Painting, together with the prep work, is labor intensive. A homeowner working alone can expect to invest 22 hours or more in the process.

Vinyl siding is fade resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty. Vinyl Siding also comes in wide selection of colors and styles to choose from. Please consult with your Affordable Siding Works Sales Consultant for more information.

You can completely transform the look of your house simply by selecting a different style siding than you currently have.


Vinyl Siding will pay for itself over time versus painting. Consider the cost of painting your home every 4 or 5 years versus the cost of vinyl siding your home once. The fact is that vinyl siding is the most cost effective solution if you want your home to look beautiful for a lifetime without having to continually maintain the siding over the years.


Vinyl Siding Brands

Affordable Siding Works sells vinyl siding from several manufacturers so you get many choices. Manufacturers include Mastic (Formerly Alcoa), Alside and Royal Building Products. All of these manufacturers adhere to an extremely high level of quality and we are proud to install their products.

Vinyl Siding Styles
A Triple 3" Smooth Clapboard
B Double 4" Smooth Clapboard
C Double 4" Woodgrain Clapboard
D Double 5" Woodgrain Clapboard
E Double 4" Woodgrain Dutch Lap
F Double 5" Woodgrain Dutch Lap
G Single 8" Woodgrain Clapboard
H 6 1/2" Smooth Bead

Traditional Vinyl Siding Colors

Vinyl Siding comes in wide selection of colors to choose from. Please consult with your Affordable Siding Works Sales Consultant for more information.

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