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Understanding Fascia and and what it does for your home

Roof rafters and trusses rest on the top plates of the wall framing. If your roof has rafters, they probably meet at a ridge board (or beam), a board that runs along the peak. A roof built with trusses usually has blocking pieces placed between trusses at the ridge. Trusses or rafter tails usually extend down past the house wall and are cut plumb at their ends. A fascia board is often attached to the rafter ends, and rain gutters are installed onto the fascia. The fascia board on most older homes is painted wood and exposed to the elements. This requires painting and is subject to rot.

Our professionals will meticulously wrap your fascia board with the aluminum color of your choice to accent the appearance of your home. Once complete you will no longer have to worry about maintaining them in any way. Just sit back and enjoy the beauty for years to come!


Alumimum Fascia Colors

Aluminum Fascia comes in wide selection of colors and styles to choose from. Please consult with your Affordable Siding Works Sales Consultant for more information.

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